Why all the Indians want government jobs?? What do you think?

Why all the Indians want government jobs

Today’s Indian youth are very ambitious for their career and government jobs we have many examples in front of us that why we are leading the world in all sectors…

But still many of them are interested to join Indian government.

But I always think about it. Why?

Is there any reason behind that because in the private sector they will get more opportunities and success instead of government jobs. so still the same question why they are looking for government jobs.

So let’s try to find out why but you will be the only one who can give me the answer to this important question.

I tried to find some main reasons for joining a government job.

  1. 100% Job security
  2. 100% Relaxation while working hours.
  3. Retirement Benefits
  4. On-time Promotion and many more Benefits as follows.
  5. Secure Job & Life until retirement
  6. Easy job but great money under the table
  7. Do something to Charging your Society and County. ( Remove Corruption / Poverty / Development / Crime)

100% Job security

Government job in India means that you have 100% job security that the company is not going to be closed forever and even if the company making a loss, Still all the benefits will be available to all employees.

Where in private company can declare that No salary if no Profit in the company? If you are not working very hard still no one is going to terminate you. Where in private company will directly ask to leave?

100% Relaxation while working hours.

The government’s jobs mean is full relaxation form joining till retirement.

Because no one is going to monitor you for your performance. Just come to the office for enjoyment in the working hours.

Where in the private sector you will not have any single reason to enjoy work place. Because in government sector No pressure, No deadline. No fear all about the promotion.

Retirement Benefits

After the retirements still government employee is entitled to enjoy government benefits such as a pension, gratuity and many more.

On-time Promotion and many more Benefits as follows.

In government jobs, the entire employee always has on-time promotion even if they are not performing up to the mark.

Extra Benefits

  • No performance assessment on a quarterly or yearly basis
  • No punctuality or office timings to be maintained
  • Easy job but great money under the table
  • Easy promotions with political connections
  • Society recognition better compared to private jobs.
  • The family secured for life term with free/subsidized travel, accommodation, hospitals, education, etc.
  • Easy jobs for the dependants
  • Lifetime pension

Please shear your feedback & comment about what do you think and why do you want to job the government sector.

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